Key West is a unique location and one of the most fascinating cities in the U.S. Situated at the tip of the Florida Keys; this tropical city has an eclectic atmosphere that keeps people coming back.

While many people choose to go on cruises to the Bahamas or Jamaica, you don’t have to venture outside the U.S. to locate the ideal island getaway. You simply need to cruise to Key West to enjoy fascinating history, stunning natural landscapes, and an amazing tropical paradise. Now, if you’re wondering where you’ll leave your car while sailing from Miami, consider cruise parking in Miami.

You’ll enjoy your cruise, even more, when you know that your car is safe with us. Besides safety, here’s a list of reasons why you should choose Safe Cruise.

  • Peace of Mind

The last thing you want is to worry about while on a cruise is the safety and state of your car while you are vacationing. Thankfully, there’s no need to stress when it comes to Miami cruise parking. Our exceptional services ensure that our clients can relax and enjoy their cruise, knowing that they’ll return to a safe vehicle. Moreover, we take pride in offering competitive prices while maintaining premium services without compromise.

  • Gated and Secure Lot

Our enclosed parking lots have a steel gate with onsite security 24/7. You’ll have one less thing to worry about, knowing that you’ll find your car parked precisely how and where you left it.

  • Professional and Courteous Staff

When doing business with us, you’ll encounter a professional and courteous staff that provides whatever assistance you might need. We’re happy to serve our clients while striving to surpass their expectations. There’s no need to be stranded when you can simply approach any of our staff for assistance.

  • Shuttle Service

We offer free shuttle services to and from the port every 15 minutes. This adds to the convenience of our services and helps us reach our goal of expanding our growing list of satisfied customers.

Tips for Enjoying a Florida Cruise

  • Select the Appropriate Port

If you are departing on your cruise from Florida, there are multiple ports from which to choose, including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Port Canaveral. Fort Lauderdale and Miami are the most active, with numerous cruise ships departing each week. When selecting a port, you should consider the ease with which you can arrive there.

  • Beware of Hurricane Season

Cruises operate year-round from Florida, even throughout hurricane season. Since the state is next to the tropics, Florida is typically in the path of numerous hurricanes. This implies that there’s a high likelihood that a storm will affect at least one cruise sailing.

While hurricanes can develop from June 1-November 30, you are most likely to experience storm interference from early August to mid-October.

  • Don’t Overspend on Parking

If you plan to drive to your cruise port in Florida, you can save a significant amount of money compared to other forms of travel. Additionally, most ports in Florida are within an 8-hour drive of cities in numerous surrounding states. However, bear in mind that parking at the Miami cruise terminal can be expensive. Therefore, it’s advisable to do your research and find alternative parking options that won’t break the bank.

Why You Should Consider a Cruise from Miami

  • Miami is the Word’s Cruise Capital

Miami port offers a wide range of cruise destinations, and their many terminals provide a hassle-free and efficient port departure and arrival. You’ll also be glad to know that cruise terminals have enough porters to assist with luggage.

  • Subtropical Climate

Miami enjoys sunshine year-round, allowing you to go on a cruise any time of the year. In addition, there’s little to no risk of the port or airport facing closure due to bad weather during the cooler winter period when it is most tempting to sail off to the tropics.

  • Efficient Transfers

In the event that you do decide to fly into the Miami Airport, you’ll have to arrange a port transfer for your cruise. You’ll find that most cruise lines provide shuttle bus transportation to and from the airport on the day of your cruise.

Cruising can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. However, if you lack a reliable place to leave your car while on vacation, it can be hectic and full of anxiety. Fortunately, you can count on us to take care of your car while you’re away.