Miami cruise parkingImagine going on a relaxing cruise and having the time of your life! These days cruise companies offer the best all inclusive holidays you could want with unlimited delicious food, first-class entertainment, amenities at your fingertips, amazingly beautiful sights to see, shop and explore, and much more! Just about anyone would love to go on a cruise. Now imagine getting coming back from your luxury vacation cruise only to find that your car is either missing or damaged. Needless to say, all the pre-vacation stress you just got rid of is going to wash right back over you, and the enjoyment of the cruise is forgotten in one instant as you think about what to do about your car. No one wants to be in such a situation.

With tons of cruising options available, Miami is a popular place to embark on a cruise. Many people drive into this city called the “Cruise Capital of the World” and want to park close to where they have to depart on their cruise from. There are many parking choices available, but not all offer the best in service and security. Let’s take a look at the various Miami cruise parking choices available for you, and compare them to Safe Cruise Parking.

Cruise Parking Options in Miami

With the continuing expansion of available cruises, Miami Port located on Dodge Island has grown over time. However, there is not enough space available on the island to efficiently handle the arrival and departure of millions of cruise passengers every year. Therefore, there has been an increasing need for off-site car parks in the surrounding areas. As you can imagine, parking rates for different lots depend on their proximity to the port and the parking services included. The most popular and in-demand terminal car parks actually in Miami Port are booked far in advance as well as expensive. Also, a covered parking space will cost more than one in the open. Additionally, be prepared to pay more if you have an oversized vehicle.

You will find lower parking rates if you choose to park farther from the port. Most parking facilities offer free shuttle service to and from Miami Port. Many hotels also offer parking and free shuttle service if you stay with them prior to departure. The best cruise parking, of course, is onsite at the Port of Miami if you are lucky enough to find and reserve an open slot, and money is no object. To give you an idea about pricing, parking at the cruise terminal costs $22+, hotels range from $79- $300, and covered parking is $6.95+.

Safe Cruise Parking

cruise parking in MiamiWe are proud that various publications have named our parking facility the best off-site cruise parking in Miami. The main reason for this distinction is that we strive to provide the best service for all our customers. The travel and parking part of your cruise becomes a quick and easy process, allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable even before you set foot on your ship!

We are located a short 2.5 miles from the Port of Miami and have a fleet of complimentary shuttle buses to conveniently transfer you and your luggage right to your ship. Our shuttle service runs every fifteen minutes and even includes luggage assistance. Our parking facility has restrooms and refreshments, so you can stretch out and feel refreshed after or before a long car drive.

Additionally, our facility is fully regulated, gated, and has 24/7 security, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is going to be safe and secure and in the same good condition as when you left it, ready for you to be picked up after your cruise. At our Miami parking, we have also eliminated long wait times for parking or pick-up.

Our staff members are always available to assist you with this as quickly and efficiently as possible. For secure parking and additional services, the cost of parking at Safe Cruise Parking is just $6.95 per day plus taxes and fees. When you can find a secure facility, excellent customer service, and great pricing for parking in Miami with Safe Cruise Parking, why look elsewhere?