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Only 5 Minutes From the Port and 50% Less Than Port Parking!

Finding More Affordable Port of Miami Cruise Parking

When you are going on a cruise vacation, there is a lot of planning that goes into that vacation. Yes, the cruise line takes care of the itinerary and getting you to your destination, but you have to go through a lot of preparation before you even get on your cruise. One of the things you have to prepare for before your cruise is parking. Your cruise line will offer you parking, but this parking is very expensive, which can be a stressful way to start off your vacation. Instead of parking where your cruise line suggests, you could choose Safe Cruise Parking.

What is Safe Cruise Parking? Safe Cruise Parking offers you parking that is only five minutes from the Port of Miami, and you can get this parking for 50% less than parking at the port itself. Safe Cruise Parking also ensures that your vehicle is safe because we have a secure parking lot with 24/7 onsite security. We also offer a free shuttle to and from the port so that you can easily get to your cruise ship. Safe Cruise Parking helps you enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about parking during your cruise. However, you will want to be sure to reserve your spot at Safe Cruise well in advance of your cruise date. You can reserve your spot right here.

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Safe Cruise Parking’s Miami parking lot is priced 50% less than the parking at Port of Miami! The Miami parking lot is approximately 5-10 minutes away from the port. Our free shuttle departs every 20-45 minutes to and from the cruise terminal and operates from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.

*The shuttle is completely free. If at any point you do not wish to wait for the shuttle, you may choose to take another form of transportation.(Uber/Taxi/Etc)  However, Safe Cruise Parking is not responsible for those charges.*

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Why Choose Safe Cruise Parking Port of Miami?

Are you cruising out of the Port of Miami? The Port of Miami is a big one. This port has over 5 million cruise passengers every year. It is a great option for you to start your next international cruise vacation with many different cruise lines departing from this area. However, with all these people and cruise lines, it can be expensive to park your vehicle at the Port of Miami. That is why many people choose an alternative parking option that is just as safe but much more affordable. Safe Cruise Parking is a great parking alternative to help you save money on your cruise vacation expenses. Safe Cruise Parking allows you to park just five minutes from the Port of Miami for far cheaper than you would at the port, and we offer a free shuttle to and from your cruise terminal.

Safe Cruise Parking ensures your mind stays on your fun-filled cruise vacation and not on your car. Your vacation experience may be aboard your ship, but it really starts before you leave on your cruise at one of our cruise parking lots. Our competitive cruise parking rates, convenient & free shuttles, and exceptional customer service will have you smiling before you even sail away.

At Safe Cruise Parking, we help you start your vacation right and end your vacation well. There’s nothing worse than ending a great vacation with an unexpected expense. That’s why Safe Cruise Parking features our “No Hidden Fee Guarantee.” You can be confident knowing your vehicle is safe and in good hands! Reserve your Miami Port Parking with the company that cares.

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