When you’re ready to set sail, cruise parking in Miami has you and your car covered. When you leave your car with us, our team does everything in their power to protect the value and safety of your property.

Our reputation in the area and familiarity with the industry has enabled us to create and implement distinctly efficient solutions for our customers.

When you are on vacation, you should take the time to unwind and enjoy yourself. Don’t allow chaotic parking, long waits for overcrowded buses and vans or worry over what condition your car will be in when you return dampen your experience. Instead, count on our reliable and safe port of Miami parking. Here’s why you should consider our services.

  • Commitment to Your Peace of Mind

Miami cruise parkingThe element that makes Miami cruise parking special is our dedication to providing inclusive assurance for our valued clients. From the minute you arrive at our facility, you’re an esteemed guest and have access to a professional team that offers a premium standard of service.

We work diligently to eradicate any doubts regarding your car’s safety while improving your cruise with convenient parking.

  • Security and Convenience

When you leave your vehicle at our Miami parking facility, you can embark on a rejuvenating cruise without worry. Relax and enjoy your adventure knowing that your vehicle is secure in a gated and fenced, off-site location with guards on patrol 24/7.

Besides security, we’re conveniently situated just 5 minutes from the port with complimentary shuttle rides that take you to and from the dock every 15 minutes. And, that’s not all. You’ll also meet our helpful and friendly staff who will haul your luggage and provide you with refreshments as well give you an opportunity to recharge after a lengthy drive to the port before you even step foot on the ship.

Dos and Don’ts While on a Cruise

Do Book Ahead

We recommend you book your cruise some months in advance to exploit early-bird discounts that could save you 15-60% off your fare. If you plan to fly to the port, book your travel through the cruise line. While this choice can be costly, the cruise line assures that you’ll reach the ship in a timely manner and offers transport to a nearby port and lodging at the expense of the cruise line if your flight is late.

Also, don’t wait to book shore excursions until you’re on board. Space for these outings is restricted, and popular excursions can sell out before you even board the ship. Your best bet is to browse the ship’s offerings via the line’s website and buy excursions online at least one month before your sail date.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Cabin

Selecting a cabin group can be difficult as the industry’s largest ships frequently have over 20 varieties spanning various features and sizes. For instance, lower-priced cabins might have an appealing fare but can also lead to claustrophobic and windowless quarters. However, if you intend to be active on the vessel and in port for most of the sailing, there’s no need to splurge on a top-tier suite.

Consider preferences such as views, size, amenities, and price. Another significant parameter is cabin location: consider where you’ll spend most of your time while on board and that area’s proximity to your room. Doing some research ahead of time can help you find the cabin that suits your individual cruising style best.

Do Budget

Miami cruise parkingEstablish a daily budget and adhere to it. Extras like cocktails and spa treatments can easily add up, resulting in a staggering bill by the time you complete your cruise. Similarly, sail-and-sign cards make it easy to spend what you cannot afford.

If your budget is tight, stick to free activities the ship offers. You’ll find numerous activities and shows that are inclusive in your fare. Also, don’t depend on housekeeping to do your laundry. Although it’s best to dry clean your formal wear, you’ll incur additional costs for every T-shirt and pair of jeans the staff cleans, making the option of self-service laundry more economical.

Don’t Miss Excursions

The reason you go on a cruise is to see the world, not merely the surrounding ocean. Consider going past the port, take a taxi and see the sights. Numerous taxi drivers are willing to take people on tours; however, be careful and try to negotiate the fee before you enter the cab.

If you feel safer booking through the ship, do so. If you’re the adventurous type, conduct some research beforehand to find beaches and activities you’ll enjoy and book with external vendors.

Do Find Safe and Convenient Cruise Parking

A cruise is an excellent way to relax and see things you can’t see at home. It’s not the time to worry about the safety of your vehicle. For this reason, you should find reliable cruise parking for the time you’re away, and you don’t have to look any further than Safe Cruise Parking.