Miami Cruise Parking: Why Long-Term Lots Save You Money in The Long Run

Miami cruise parking

Choose Safe Cruise Parking as your number one long term parking facility.

Cruises are popular vacation get-a-ways. With over 23 million people cruising each year, this vacation afloat is far from overrated. While the largest cruise ships are as tall as a 16-story building, the average cruise ship can only carry about 3,000 passengers. Not surprisingly, the Caribbean/Bahamas are the world’s most popular cruise destination with the Mediterranean coming in a close second.

We stand by our promise to never charge extra! There will never be service charges or hidden fees period. Start out your cruise right by parking your car here at Safe Cruise Parking.”

Interestingly, most cruise ships skip deck 13 because of passenger superstitions. A little-known secret is that, by law, ships, including cruise liners, are required to have a morgue and body bags onboard; when they reach port, arrangements can be made for the deceased. A few liners also have “jails” which are really just padded rooms. All cruise ships have doctors on board who tend to sick or injured passengers.

Cruises Ship Vacations Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Safe and fun, the oceanic experience of a cruise makes it onto many bucket lists. Whether you and your spouse are celebrating an anniversary on the ocean, simply going to experience a cruise for the first time, or your family is enjoying getting away, cruises can be super romantic and should be the most fun you have ever had. What could be better than a refreshing and relaxing trip on the water aboard a fancy cruise ship with tons of food?

If you are like most people, you have probably dreamt of taking such a trip for ages, and finally saved enough money to do so. Especially when it comes to budgeting, it is nice to know ahead of time, when you book your cruise, what all your expenses will be. Most people set spending money aside for extra onboard expenses like drinks, shopping or even messages. But the worst thing is when you unexpectedly have to pay to park. You can just forget the champagne or that new purse because you have to pay for your vehicle to sit in a lot while you are away on vacation. Save money by leaving your vehicle at the Miami cruise parking, and you may just get that champagne after all.

Miami cruise parking offers safe and affordable parking option

Miami parking

Safe cruise parking offers free shuttle rides to and from the port.

Of course, you want to park your car in a safe location while you are gone, but who wants to pay a fortune to do it? In most areas, there is not even a guarantee that your is car safe at the open parking decks, and the cost of parking at Port Miami Florida cruise lines is double that of Safe Cruise Parking in Miami. Do not pay high rates for parking that may not even be protected. Therefore, plan wisely – your best bet would be to park in an offsite, secure spot.
At Safe Cruise Parking, we offer honest and affordable service.

At Miami parking, our lot has 24/7 onsite security and is also surrounded by steel gates. This ensures that no one will have access to your car while you are away. Another bonus to our constant security is that our parking lot is only five minutes away from the port on SW 3rd Street! We also have outstanding customer service and provide our guests with a free shuttle service to and from both ports. We load and haul your luggage, and even provide refreshments for you so you can rest and slip into cruise vacation-mode.

Honestly, at half the price, a short commute, promised security and a shuttle service, who could resist? You deserve that worry-free vacation, so go enjoy yourself and let us take care of your car. Go ahead and claim your Miami port parking spot now by visiting the Safe Cruise Parking website to book your reservation. Our lot is leased from, and regulated by, the City of Miami.

At the Miami cruise parking, you are in good hands

For the safest and most affordable parking, park with Safe Cruise Parking.

Our Safe Cruise Parking is proud to offer a protected, walled-in lot to keep your belongings safe, clean restrooms so you can feel comfortable and at ease, professional and courteous staff, a free shuttle, luggage assistance, and we even offer special rates for oversized vehicles. Here are a few other reasons to trust Safe Cruise parking as your long term parking choice:

  • Your vehicle will always be safe and remain in the same condition when you debark for the cruise – and arrive from the cruise.
  • Shuttle drivers assist all passengers with baggage, luggage, and personal belongings. Similarly, they assist all special needs passengers – and all shuttles are handicap accessible. Making it possible for us to help any customer who needs our services.
  • We offer an excellent customer service, along with the best Miami cruise parking rates and even complimentary refreshments for all cruise passengers. Our highly-dedicated team is always available to answer any questions and concerns as well.

We stand by our promise to never charge extra! There will never be service charges or hidden fees period. Start out your cruise right by parking your car here at Safe Cruise Parking.

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