Are you planning on taking a cruise this winter? It’s the best way to get away from the cold weather and enjoy some relaxation in a sunny climate. However, before you can even get to your cruise, you’ve got to find secure parking for your car. What are the best things to do with your vehicle while you’re away on your vacation? You can leave it with us in our Miami port parking. Here’s why you want to consider Safe Cruise Parking for your cruise parking needs.

It’s Safe and Secure

What do other customers thinkYou don’t want to leave your car just anywhere when you’re going on a cruise. You need to be sure that your car is going to be in good hands. If you can’t leave it with someone who you know and trust, who are you going to leave it with? Our parking is one of the most secure places you can leave your car in the whole of Miami.

We staff our car parking lots 24/7, so someone is always there to watch over your car. Additionally, we have CCTV cameras keeping an eye on all the cars in the lot, so you’re covered from all angles. There’s nowhere safer to leave your car, allowing you to go on your cruise without worry.

It’s Cheaper Than You’d Think

If you’re traveling from another state to go on your cruise, then you’ll know that you have a few options of getting to Miami. You could jump on a bus, train, or plane to avoid paying for parking. However, you might be surprised at what the Port Everglade parking rates are really like. They’re a lot cheaper than you’d think, making it much more feasible to drive there.

The lower costs of parking allow you to take advantage of the ease of driving down to the port. No waiting around for buses or trains, and no extra travel time. Additionally, the cheaper rates let you use your extra cash where you really need it, on your vacation.

Get A Shuttle Directly to The Cruise Ship

Once you’ve dropped off your car at the cruise port parking lot, you’ll need to get to the ship. The best way to do this is to park with us, as we offer a complimentary shuttle service so you can jump on and get right to the port. It makes travel plans a whole lot easier when you know you’ve got that shuttle bus waiting for you. You can catch the shuttle back when you return from your cruise too, so you don’t have to worry about transport once you’re back home either.

Help with Your Bags

Driver2016-01-28One thing we pride ourselves on with our Miami cruise parking service is the personal touch we provide. When you arrive, we’ll usher you in and help you find your parking spot. Once you’re parked, we’ll help you with your bags to the shuttle bus so that you can get to your cruise ship with a minimum amount of commotion. We know that your vacation starts here, so we’re here to help it begin as easily and painlessly as possible.

You Can Book Ahead

Finally, the best thing about our parking service is that you can book ahead. You can book at any time before your cruise, up until the day before you sail out. However, if you want the best deals, you can call us as soon as you’ve booked your cruise. This will help ensure that there’s a spot ready and waiting for you on the day you need it. It’ll also ensure that you’ll get the best price possible on your parking. Again, saving that money means that you can use it elsewhere on your vacation, like for delicious cocktails or fun excursions. It always feels great to save money on your vacation!

Book Now and Reserve Your Spot

There are all kinds of reasons why you’d want to book a spot at Miami port parking today. It saves you money to book in advance, you have somewhere safe to leave your car while you’re away, and you’ll have transportation both to and from the port. Get in touch now and get your parking spot booked and ready for your vacation.