The Port of Miami is internationally recognized as the busiest cruise port in the world. It experiences a very large amount of traffic from passengers disembarking on cruises to numerous destinations.

Extensive road networks and multiple airports serve the Port of Miami, so passengers have the option of either flying in or traveling by road. For passengers driving in for their vacation, Miami Port parking is available for their vehicles.

It may seem convenient to fly in by plane and leave your vehicle at home, but there are a couple of reasons why Miami cruise parking will always be busy and in demand for vehicle parking.

First, airfare is much more expensive than driving. The price of airfare also seems to vary season to season, and if you are planning on a cruise during peak times, you could end up spending a majority of your vacation money just buying plane tickets.

Also, consider the fact that flights have a limit on the amount of baggage you can carry. When you are going to be gone for an extended duration and have multiple family members going with, you might need more baggage than you are allowed and incur additional charges at the airport. If you decide to fly but don’t want to pay more for extra luggage, limited belongings could impact the quality of your cruise. However, the availability ofparking facilities in and around the port means you can bring as much luggage as you want in your vehicle when you drive in for your cruise.

There are obvious advantages to driving in for your cruise, but now the concern is where to park your vehicle.

Safe Cruise Parking offers an off-site, privately managed parking lot. Unlike the multi-level 6,000 vehicles Miami Port parking, our lot is off-site with stringent access management which drastically reduces incidences of vehicle vandalism.

Our security package also comes at an affordable price. The cost of parking at Safe Cruise Parking is half what you’d pay at Port Miami Florida cruise parking. Our goal is to ensure that when you are on vacation, your mind is on the cruise and not on the vehicle you left behind.

At Safe Cruise Parking our lot is gated and has 24/7 onsite security services, making us competitive on both the security and cost front. We don’t take money that you could use on your cruise out of your pocket to ensure that your vehicle is safely parked.

Additionally, while we are off-site, our parking lot is only 5 minutes away from the departure port.


The convenience of Port Miami parking does not end there; we also provide a free shuttle service to and from the port. The shuttle runs on a 15-minute cycle allowing you to park your vehicle and leave all worries about any other transport logistics behind.

There is no better way to start your cruise than by leaving your vehicle in the hands of courteous and professional staff. Our professionalism is indicative of our level of service, and our courtesy shows our willingness to provide you with great value for your money.

We don’t want you leaving for your cruise with a bad taste in your mouth after being handled by rude and unprofessional staff. That is why we train our team at Safe Cruise Parking on how to work with clientele and answer your questions so that you feel confident that we know what we are doing and that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Additionally, our facilities are built with accessibility in mind. Regardless of any disability, anyone in your party may have, we have done our best to ensure that our infrastructure will not leave you feeling lacking. We consider ourselves to be part of your cruise experience and an extension of the hospitality you will enjoy on the ship.