There are a lot of details to be attended to when going on a week-long cruise, such as deciding what to pack, actually packing what you bring, planning for shore excursions in your various ports of call, making arrangements for the care of your house, pets, and/or plants, etcetera. However, don’t forget these three things to ensure the security of your valuables, mechanical security, and to secure coming home to cleanliness.

#1 – Make Sure Your Car is Ready to Travel

One thing you need to consider when preparing to travel is your car. Not only do you want to consider things such as making sure your car is gassed up and ready to get you to the airport or cruise terminal, you want to check things like fluids – oil, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, etc – and tire pressure. These are just a couple of things you want to be in working order so there will be no surprises when you are ready to leave home. This also gives you peace of mind about your return trip as well. After a week of fun in the sun, you will be ready to get home without incident, not deal with car problems. Preparing beforehand helps to ensure your car is ready to get you to and from home without issues.

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#2 – Make an Undesirable Target for Thieves

Another concern is leaving your car unattended for the time you will be out to sea and one thing you may worry about is theft. You are wise to choose a company with exceptional onsite security, such as Safe Cruise Parking, but things can happen so it pays to do whatever you can to ensure the safety of your valuables.

There are things you can do to minimize the chances your car will be a target for thieves. It seems like a no-brainer to leave valuables out of sight but go one step further and remove your valuables completely if at all possible. Leave home anything you can, take with you anything you cannot leave at home, and last but not least, conceal anything you cannot take with you.

Leave things at home like CDs, personal protection devices, and mp3 players, which can alternately go with you. Most smartphones have a map app that can suffice in place of a GPS; however, if you must bring one, be certain to conceal it properly if leaving it behind. You should never leave it in view no matter where you park, nor should you leave the cord in view. This goes for any chargers that may give a thief the impression there could be electronics for the taking.

Although any documents in your glove box may be useless to anyone but you, make sure you do not leave any behind you cannot do without. At the least, you may run the risk of the hassle to replace them and at the worst, you may be leaving information behind that can facilitate identity theft.

Regardless of how many times you have locked yourself out of your car, never leave a spare key in or on your car while you are away. Paying a locksmith or a tow truck is a lot less expensive than having your car stolen.

Miami parking port benefits#3 – Cleanliness is its own Reward

It is a wise idea to remove all trash from your car before leaving it behind; it not only looks and smells better in your car when you return, but it leaves no potential hiding spots to capture the imagination of a thief. In addition, remove any receipts, discarding ones you don’t need, filing the ones you do, and thereby ensuring you are not missing any important papers concealed amongst the clutter.

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